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10 Sep 2017

5 Wonderful Facts you did not Know About Assam


Assam, one of the most accessible of all North Eastern states is known for its rich and diverse wildlife, amazing traditional cuisine, vibrant dance forms and its hospitality. Favourite among the travellers all over the world, Assam is so much more than a mere tourist destination. Here are some facts which you probably did not know about this wonder state

1: Assam has its own state anthem

Yes, this state has its own anthem called ‘O Mur Apunar Dex’ written by famous local poet Lakshminath Bezbaroa . This anthem was adopted in the year 1927.

2: The state celebrates Bihu thrice

We all know that Bihu is like the main festival of this North Eastern state. But did you know that Assamese celebrate this festival thrice? Bihu is observed in mid April, mid January and then in the last week of October.

3: Guwahati is the real capital of Assam

Though Dizpur is an official capital of Assam, it is Guwahati that has all important institutes and amenities. Guwahati houses important institutes like the High Court, National Law University, Indian Institute of Technology and even police headquarters.

4: This state is a food lovers’ haven

Though you get amazing North Eastern varieties of cuisine like thupka and momos here, this state has numerous cafes and restaurants which serve food from all parts of the country! Some also specialise in world cuisine.

5: Assam is one of the most progressive states in the country

It is true that every year, the mighty river of Brahmaputra gets flooded causing a lot of damage of life and property. Despite this, one cannot ignore the fact that Assam — Guwahati in particular—is one of the most progressive and globalised states in the country.

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