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8 Sep 2017

Indian History General Knowledge Question with Ans


1. In the Battle of Wandiwash, the English defeated ?

A. the Dutch
B. the French
C. the Portuguese
D. None of these
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2. Indian Navy Act was passed on ?

A. 1921
B. 1925
C. 1927
D. 1930
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3. The first president of the Republic of India was ?

A. V.V.Giri
B. Zakir Hussain
C. Dr.Radhakrishnan
D. Dr.Rajendra Prasad
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4. The first ruler of Pala dynasty was ?

A. Gopala
B. Dharmapala
C. Bhaskaravarman
D. None of these
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5. The first to establish regular trade with India was ?

A. Dutch
B. Portuguese
C. French
D. English
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6. The Indus Valley houses were built of ?

A. Bamboos
B. Wood
C. Bricks
D. Stone
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7. The French made their advent through ?

A. Mahe
B. Yenam
C. Karaikal
D. Pondicherry
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8. The last Mughal Emperor was ?

A. Akbar
B. Babur
C. Bahadur Shah
D. Noor Jehan
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9. The first wave of Aryan immigration into India began in ?

A. 500 BC
B. 1000 BC
C. 1500 BC
D. 1000 A.D.
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10. Aryans lived in ?

A. Maharashtra
B. South India
C. Central India
D. Gangetic Valley
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