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21 Aug 2017

Games & Sports GK Quiz for Upcoming Any Entrance Examination


1. Which country led a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow?

A) Great Britain
B) China
D) South Korea
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2. The Dronacharya Award for sports coaches was instituted in the year -

A) 1984
B) 1985
C) 1987
D) 1988
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3.The number of players on each side in baseball is -

A) Seven
B) Eight
C) Nine
D) Ten
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4."Cue ball, break shot, pool table" are terms associated with which of the following games?

A) Billiards
B) Squash
C) Golf
D) Cricket
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5. The correct combination among the following is -

A) Rafael Nadal - Tennis, Neymar - Football
B) Rafael Nadal - Football, Neymar - Football
C) Rafael Nadal - Badminton, Neymar - Tennis
D) Rafael Nadal - Tennis, Neymar - Badminton
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6. Who among the following is an Olympic Medal winner?

A) P. T. Usha
B) Sania Mirza
C) Mahesh Bhupathi
D) Saina Nehwal
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7. Which of the following award is given to recognize outstanding achievement in sports?

A) Padma Shri
B) Arjuna Award
C) Param Vir Chakra
D) Ashok Chakra
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8. The distance covered in half Marathon is approximately -

A) 21 km
B) 42 km
C) 11 km
D) 5 km
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9. The term Grand Slam is associated with -

A) Badminton
B) Lawn Tennis
C) Table Tennis
D) Squash
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10. The "Pommel Horse" is term associated with the game -

A) Chess
B) Tennis
C) Badminton
D) Gymnastics
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