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11 Aug 2017

Current Games & Sports Question with Answer for Upcoming Any Type Examination


1. First Indian women Olympic Medal winner is -

A) Saina Nehwal
B) M C Mary Kom
C) Karnam Malleshwari
D) Sakshi Malik
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2. Who created a new world record is scoring the fastest century in Test Cricket history in February 2016?

A) Steve Smith
B) Chris Gayle
C) Brendon McCullum
D) Virat Kohli
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3. After won the 13th gold medal in Rio Olympic 2016 by Michael Phelps, he has broken 12 individual gold medals records of -

A) Duke Kahanamoku
B) Leonidas of Rhodes
C) Larisa Latynina
D) Paavo Nurmi
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4. Murugappa Gold Cup is associated with -

A) Badminton
B) Hockey
C) Cricket
D) Golf
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5. India investment summit was held on February 4-5, 2016 in -
A) Ahmedabad

B) Mumbai
C) New Delhi
D) Hyderabad
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6. The term "Whitewash" is associated with which game?

A) Football
B) Hockey
C) Cricket
D) Lawn Tennis
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7. Who scores fastest individual Test century?

A) Viv Richards
B) Misbah-ul-Haq
C) Bredon McCullum
D) AB de Villiers
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8. The "Pommel Horse" is term associated with the game -

A) Chess
B) Tennis
C) Badminton
D) Gymnastics
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9.  President of the International Olympic Committee is elected for a term of -

A) 5 yrs
B) 6 yrs
C) 8 yrs
D) 10 yrs
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10. The term Grand Slam is associated with -

A) Badminton
B) Lawn Tennis
C) Table Tennis
D) Squash
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