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22 Aug 2017

Top10 Compulsory GK Quiz for Upcoming SSC,Patanjali & Any Type Examination


1. A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be adapt in ___________

A) Surrogate Marketing
B) Training Skills
C) Communication Skills
D) Market Research
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2. Effective Selling Skills depends on ______________

A) Number of language known to the DSA
B) Data on marketing staff
C) Information regarding IT market
D) Knowledge of related markets
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3. The 'USP' of a product denotes ________

A) Usefulness of the product
B) Drawbacks of a product
C) High-selling features of a product
D) Number of allied products available
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4. Post-sales activities include ________

A) Sales presentation
B) Customer feedback
C) Customer identification
D) Customer apathy
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5. Market segmentation can be resorted to by dividing the target group as per

A) Income levels of customers
B) Age of the employees
C) Needs of the sales persons
D) Marketing skills of the employees
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6. A Successful marketing person required one of the following qualities___________

A) Empathy
B) Sympathy
C) Insistence
D) Aggressiveness
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7. Innovation in marketing is same as ___________

A) Abbreviation
B) Communication
C) Creativity
D) Aspiration
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8. The 'break-even point' is where

A) Marginal revenue equals marginal cost
B) Average revenue equals average cost
C) Total revenue equals total cost
D) None of the above
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9. Which state become first Indian state to use Automated Weather Station?

A) Gujrat
B) Maharashtra
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Odisha
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10. Every year, World Asthma Day' is observed on:

A) 2nd May
B) 1st May
C) First Sunday of May
D) First Tuesday of May
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