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3 Aug 2017

Top 10 GK Question with Answer For Upcoming SSC GD,MTS And CHSL Examination


1. The Yellowstone National park is in:

A. China
B. Palestine
C. India
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2. The Silent Vally is located in-

A. Assam
B. Kerala
C. Jharkhand
D. Tamil Nadu
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3. The planning Commission is:

A. A Ministry
B. A government Department
C. An Advisory body
D. An Autonomous Corporation
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4. IRDP Stands for:

A. Integrated Regional Development Programme
B. International Rural Development  Programme
C. Integrate Rural Development  Programme
D.None of these
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5. The Accounting Year of RBI is:

A. April-March
B. July-June
C. October-September
D. January-December
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6. Name the author of the book 'Two Lives'-

A. Vikram Seth
B. Vikram Kapur
C. Arvind Verma
D. Salman Rushdie
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7. Aryabhatta Was a famous-

A. Painter
B. Astronomer
C. Physician
D. Scientist
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8. The Capital of Austria is-

A. Vienna
B. Brussels
C. Graz
D. Turino
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9. The currency of Portugal is-

A. Peseta
B. Schilling
C. Lira
D. Euro
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10. With which dance form is Sonal Manshingh Associated?

A. Kuchipudi
B. Kathak
C. Mohini Attam
D. Odissi
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Posted by Deep Jyoti Baruah


  1. 5. The Accounting Year of RBI is:

    A. April-March
    B. July-June
    C. October-September
    D. January-December
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    Option: A

    may be its june july please confirm the ans

    1. The banks in India follow April to March financial year and hence their annual financial information is compiled after that.

      RBI follows July to June financial year because RBI as a supervisor and regulator looks into the books of banks and then analyses and prepares its statutory document called as Annual Report. So a lag of 3 months from normal financial cycle (Apr-Mar) is justified as this is the time which RBI uses to analyse the information.

      The Reserve Bank’s Annual Report informs the people of India on what RBI intended to accomplish during the past year and what was actually done. In it, RBI also lays out proposals for the coming year. The report is then published in August.

      Sorry for the mistake. We are corrected it. Thanks for your kind words.