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29 Jul 2017

SSC GD 2015 GK Question with Answer


1.The headquarter of United Nations Organisation(UNO) are located at

(B)New York
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2.The chemical composition of heavy water is

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3.The term ‘URL’ used in Internet Technology Stands for

(A)Uniform Resource Locater
(B) Uniform Remote Locater
(C)Unique Resource Locater
(D) Unique Remote  Locater
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4.The presence of pollutants in the Environment is usually expressed in ppm where ppm Stands for

(A)Particles per mole
(B)Parts per million
(C)Purity per microgram
(D)Pollutant percent measure
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5.In B.C.G. vaccine,the letter ‘C’ stands for

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6.The smallest ocean is 

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7.Name the first Indian to be banned for anabolic steroid in the Olympic Games,

(A)Sumita Laha
(B)Ashwini Akkunji
(C)T. Sanamacha Chanu
(D)Pratima kumara
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8.Who established the ‘Sharda Sadan’, a school for Indian Widows in colonial India?

(A)Sarojani Naidu
(B)Pradita Ramabai
(C)Dayanand Sarawti
(D)Mahadev Govinda Ranade
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9.When was the office of District collector created?

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10.Which Delhi sultan pursed the policy of ‘Blood and Iron’?

(C)Alauddin Khilji
(D)Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
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